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about your photographer

My name is Michael and I am your professional photographer.

When I started photography in 2006, I needed a new passion, cause music and audio engineering became more and more of a job for me back then.

In 2013 I changed things around, took basic and

masterclass-photographytraining and turned my new passion into my new job.

So here we are!

You with your vision about how your perfect picture for your purpose should look like, and me with my fancy camera equipment, the know how to do it and all that jazz.
Perfect place, perfect time!

Lets join forces and create something unique.

If you didn't already notice by looking at my pictures, I really enjoy doing commercial-, advertising and productphotography. I work for small companies and big global players.
For musicians and and wigs makers.
I shoot fashion and jewellery, cows and cars. I create images fitting your corporate identy or we take on the challenge to build an entirely new style for you.

I joined and won awards for fun and I lost at competitions, when I was absolutely shure I would win. I am always learning and trying out new things and techniques to improve my quality of life and service. I do not drink alcohol though I really liked beer. I am a husband and proud owner of two cats and a wonderful black and white dog.
I don't like tight deadlines and working under pressure, though I am best when I am a bit stressed and I have to push my luck.
I absolutely love teamwork, critique and creating something beautiful together but I do not waste one second on rude people. I am an optimist but I am not stupid. I am a nerd but I am also into martial arts. I trust people but when you try to trick me I will know. I am an official with the Guild of professional Photographers in the economic chamber of Austria but I am not a politician. I speak my mind and get in trouble by doing so but I also got kissed for it, so I will leave that part of me as it is.

I shoot thousands of pictures each year and not one of them left my computer, when I wasn't absolutely and onethousand percent positive, that I stood behind it and loved it from the bottom of my heart.
I wished I could give all of you the pictures you wanted for free (and sometimes, on special occasions I even do so) but I have to charge money for them.

The most important part of all that is that my pictures can help you boost your sales.
Trust me, my clients and I have tried it, it works.

As long as our visions match, we're in this together.

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