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Information due to the regulations, laws and rules of conduct
regarding the COVID-19 health situation (external links)

F.A.Q. regarding Covid-19: 

Ist it possible to book a photoshooting?

Yes! Just shoot me an e-mail and we figure out together how it can be done within the current regulations and laws.

Are there any kinds of photoshootings that can't be done due to covid-19?

Some kinds of shootings can be tricky to manage with health and safety of my clients and me in mind.
But all in all there are no kinds of shootings - that I offer - that can't be done at this point in time.

Are there any there any special things I have to do or bring to a shooting because of covid-19?

Yes! If you have an official negative test result (within max. 48 h before the shooting) we can do a lot more.
If you have an official confirmation of vaccination or recovery please bring it. Keep the necessary time spans in mind.
Please also bring an FFP2 mask to the set. There are always spare masks and disinfection on set. But if you've got your
own, you come nicely prepared.

Do you have any safety measures in place during a photoshooting?

Yes! You will have to fill out a short form for contact tracing reasons before the shooting and there is disinfection and FFP-2 masks on set at each and every time.
Surfaces in studio and my equipment will be disinfected properly before and/or after every shooting. 
The photographer and all the assistants are either vaccinated or will have a negative covid-19 test (within 48 h before the photoshooting) 
All that aside, if you provide the location and or models/staff for the photoshooting, you will be in charge of safety precautions.
We as photographers will do our best to make your booking as safe as possible. If you do not feel safe booking a photoshooting at this point in time I understand. Nothing is more important than health.
In that case: Please consider scheduling your shooting to a later date but please book it in time.
There is a massive backlog in bookings upcoming as the situation normalizes again.
We will find a booking slot for you though!