Welcome dear customers!

Information due to the regulations, laws and rules of conduct
regarding the COVID-19 health situation:
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!!UPDATE!! Dear Clients! !!UPDATE!!

Because of the currently applicable laws and regulations that thankfully were put into effect by the Austrian government


starting from Monday, 16.03.2020

and an update I got from my fellow guild officials on tuesday the 24.03.2020

  • studio-bookings in people-photography with more than 1 person and eventphotography are not allowed for the time being!

  • Reportages are affected in the way that gatherings of people (more than 2 persons) are not allowed unitl the Covid-19 situation is done. 

  • A security distance of at least 1 meter between people must be guaranteed at all times.

  • Product- and objectphotography will be available.
    If needed, the objects/products to be photographed can be sent by post or deployed without making direct contact at the studio. 
    The delivery of the final images can be done completely digitally via a secure server link.

  • Travelling restrictions are currently in place so it will not be possible for me to take planes or trains to come to your location.

  • Architecture photography will be possible (indoor and outdoor) as long as the rules of conduct (see above) can be followed.

  • Digital editing, retouching is available without any restrictions. 

  • If bans of acces were declared for a location, please note that it is also valid for me or my team and we can't enter said location.

The measures ordered to avoid social contacts as far as possible will be in place approximately for the next few weeks. Please stick to that order!!! It helps save lifes!!!

I will keep you updated!

Bookings affected by the current health-situation, within the timeframe those regulations and laws are in place will be postponed to a later available date 100 %  without any fees!

Safety measures such as effective FFP3 and N95 - full face masks for me and my team were taken care of.

I will do my best to carry out your absolutely necessary bookings that are possible withing the legal framework but I won't jeopardize the life and health of my clients.

For that reason please contact me directly for bookings. Together we will decide if it can be done from case to case.

Please consider postponing your booking and not canceling it completely for I will  continue eventual deposits for a later available date within the timeframe the new Covid-19 orders and laws are in effect.

If you need to cancel of postpone an appointment or booking, please let me know.
We will find an individual solution for you!

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay at home!

contact: hallo@fiedlerphoto.com

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